A Legal Opinion (from a Utilizing Organization)
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A Legal Opinion (from a Utilizing Organization)

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A Legal Opinion (from a Utilizing Organization)
April 30, 2016
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The internal council of a utilizing multinational organization provides a comment on the positive impact of ID verification and proctoring on the organization's demonstratable due diligence and the need for a verification process when conducting online training. The legal council's comment is as follows (with the specific organizations's name removed).

"Making our safety orientation/training available on the web and requesting that [personnel] take the training without the ability to provide documented evidence that personnel had actually completed the required safety orientation/training would, in my opinion, not be reviewed positively in an analysis of whether [a company] had satisfied its due diligence requirements in the event of an incident. Due diligence is [a company]'s only defense against a strict liability offense under the Act; hence, the need for some sort of verification process."

– Internal council of an utilizing organization 2016