Data can’t be breached if it doesn’t exist
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Data can’t be breached if it doesn’t exist

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Data can’t be breached if it doesn’t exist
November 15, 2020
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Unfortunately, the hacking of, sale and distribution of private data has become a major concern to educational institutions, students, and private organizations alike.  

With a recent data leak from a large remote proctoring service provider that affected hundreds of thousands of students, and the type of personal information that was leaked, it is very difficult not to echo those very same concerns.  

In this case like many others, the service provider was reported as not aware that the data they held was compromised and being sold until the hacker made this fact public.

Important Note:

I have used the words “the data they held” rather than “their data” because the compromised data was not theirs to begin with and the effect of the leak to them, is only reputational, whereas the effect to the individuals is an irreversible risk of identity theft and privacy loss.

Organizations like the one referred to above promise data security, talk serious encryption, flaunt security certificates, designations and privacy policies, when the only true method of protecting your personal data is to destroy or anonymize it as soon as it is not required.

In the reported hack above, the data that was compromised and made public, went back approximately 10 years. The question that comes to mind is, why was this data needed years after the user interaction had ended?  Well, it is widely known that data amassed can increase a tech companies financial evaluation. The elimination of personal data is also an extra effort that the organization is often not compensated for,  which in most cases lowers their priority to do so.

Data encryption is not enough.

For this very reason, Integrity Advocate embraces Privacy by Design architecture to remove user privacy risk in our remote proctoring solution. By using time to live technology, that automatically, eliminates your personal data as soon as it is no longer needed, your learner’s photo ID as well as all violation free media is deleted within 24 hours.

To learn more about how our best in class privacy standards protect learners, contact our team today.