Five statements that will never apply to Integrity Advocate
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Five statements that will never apply to Integrity Advocate

Five statements that will never apply to Integrity Advocate
January 13, 2021
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The five statements below are all real examples of other proctoring companies in the news. 

  1. Home addresses, credit cards, medical information, copies of identification, have been leaked/stolen that go back 5 years. Integrity Advocates does not request personal information that is not required, deletes information as soon as it is not needed, and shares only what is required to support its findings.
  1. Faculty is threatened by lawsuits for writing an open letter raising serious concerns about how student data, collected via proctoring, is used, shared, and potentially sold. Integrity Advocate is designed right from its very inception to protect learner privacy through data minimization, learner-device processing, and using artificial intelligence to augment human reviewers rather than to replace them.
  1. Concerns raised over the use of algorithms to determine the level of “suspicion” ie the likelihood of cheating that penalizes people of color due to its inability to accurately receive information from facial recognition technology. Integrity Advocate’s hybrid model uses algorithms to aid human reviewers and never allows or relies on algorithms to dictate the likelihood of inappropriate activities.
  1. Student IP address blocked and lawsuit threatened after student posts a critique and sample analysis of the proctoring software code. Integrity Advocate uses student and client feedback as a key input for continual improvement and firmly believes that scrutiny of its accessible code is the right of all users.
  1. Software company is bought out and lists user data as an asset in the sale. Integrity Advocate considers personal information the property of the individual and deletes it as soon as it is no longer needed. In the event of a company sale, personal information is not transferable under the privacy agreement agreed to by all users.

Every product decision we make is based on a framework of privacy-first, ethical design. Learn more about our secure solution for online proctoring today.