Is your safety training company/organization issuing false documents?
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Is your safety training company/organization issuing false documents?

Is your safety training company/organization issuing false documents?

Have you seen the court case about a private safety training organization that was charged and plead guilty to 14 charges relating to the providing of false documents?

This organization was found to be issuing training certificates to learners that only participated in 50% of the published course and certifying completion for related components, when there was no evidence that their participation included those components.

Based on these charges and your lived experience,would you consider the issuance of a training certificate a ‘false document' if the learner:

·      left right after the class started and returned at the end of the instruction for the quiz?

·      had someone else sit in on the class and complete the quiz for them?

·      fell asleep or watched YouTube videos for 50% of the instruction?

It is hard to imagine who would consider such personnel as “trained” and deserving of a ‘certificate of training’, but a variety of organizations, both private and safety associations do. Whether training is done in-person or online, the fact remains that regulators rely on these training docs (certificates) for proof of an employer’s due diligence/compliance, employers rely on them as an assurance that their workforce can be safe and effective on a worksite.

So when a health and safety regulator states that a "training agency should not be providing proof of training for students they cannot verify completed the course” why would organizations still do so?  The answer is ‘buyer beware’. Employers and not the training organizations are ultimately responsible to ensure their workforce is trained (this may change if more regulators consider charging the training providers in the near future).

Employers are the ones that need to insist that the identity and participation is verified of any personnel they require to be trained. Most companies/organizations are doing this verification if training is instructor-led, but only the best training companies/organizations are maintaining the same standard as they move training online.

Imperial Oil is one of those best-in-class organizations that moved its site orientation online as part of a pandemic response and did so with the assistance of D2L and Integrity Advocate. All the personnel Imperial Oil trained online had both are their identity confirmed and the participation verified. Moreover, the increased efficiencies saved Imperial Oil many times more than the associated costs.

Knowing that moving training online can save an organization so much money,  it is so encouraging to see the training companies/organizations realizing these profits ensuring that training integrity is not lost in the process.


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