Looking Back, Looking Forward: Integrity Advocate’s Technology Roadmap
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Looking Back, Looking Forward: Integrity Advocate’s Technology Roadmap

Looking Back, Looking Forward: Integrity Advocate’s Technology Roadmap

December 21, 2020

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Two events shaped our technology roadmap this year more than anything else — the COVID-19 pandemic and serving higher education, a new industry for us. With these two events came incredible opportunities for growth and product innovation. Below, we share our technology roadmap for 2020 and next year.

Integrity Advocate 2020 A Look Back

D2L Integration

In June we announced our integration with D2L, creators of Brightspace, an enterprise Learning Management System used by customers in K-12, higher education, healthcare, government, and the corporate sector.

“The need for a solution that could meet both D2L and client needs for learning integrity, privacy protection and reduced administration/support is long overdue,” said John Baker, President and CEO of D2L. “Integrity Advocate’s suite of industry-leading tools in tandem with D2L now provides the much-needed assistance that organizations need to pivot quickly and address the demands of COVID-19.”

D2L users can look forward to a deeper integration in early 2021, with an effortless implementation process and the ability to install Integrity Advocate proctoring on additional activities.

Scaling Up

We also moved to a non-linear database structure with Amazon Web Services (AWS). This change, along with a robust technology stack, allows Integrity Advocate to meet the rapidly expanding demands of certifying bodies and corporations as they met the new challenges presented by the pandemic.


Increased security measures were integral to our move into AWS this year. Because of this new infrastructure, we immediately shifted our focus to numerous controls required for an online SaaS product. We reviewed all of our new controls and submitted our SOC 2 audit.


We believe that our application needs to be simple, intuitive, and seamless. It should also be accessible for differently-abled users or those who require special accommodations like screen readers.

Accessibility is a fixed part of our development process but we didn’t want to stop there. We participated in an external audit and completed our Voluntary Product Assessment Template (VPAT). In mid-November, we released the last of our recommended improvements and we will continue to ensure accessibility with subsequent releases.


As we scaled up to meet the demands of new and existing clients, our focus shifted to internal efficiency. We wanted to provide reviewers with the best interface possible, allowing them to do their job accurately and efficiently.

Our reviewers now have access to new and improved tools. That means faster review times and improved reviewer accuracy — a win-win for institutions and learners.

With our latest release, we’ve also improved the end-user experience with improved wording in notification emails and on the Integrity Advocate overlay. Additionally, we’ve made significant improvements to our admin user’s experience.

Integrity Advocate 2021 A Look Forward

Increased Vigilance

In January, we’ll continue to explore internal improvements to make reviewers and reviews more efficient, but we’re shifting our focus to what we’re calling vigilance. We want to see how far we can go with making tools that consistently increase our ability to verify the integrity of online activities without ever impinging on the justifiable privacy rights of individuals.

Expanded Integrations

We currently have integrations across multiple high-end platforms like D2L, Accord, Canvas, TalentLMS, and Moodle, but we also receive requests to integrate with even more Learning Management Systems. In the new year, we will be exploring LMS integrations with the multitude of platforms on the market due to the increasing demand.

Shhh… it’s a secret

Our Research and Development team is working on some exciting innovations that will take our existing patent-pending technology to the next level. Interested in being a part of beta projects? Send an email to partners@integrityadvocate.com and let us know!

Integrity Advocate Technology Roadmap 2020/2021