Lockdown Browser that Enables Academic Integrity without Sacrificing Learner Privacy
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Lockdown Browser that Enables Academic Integrity without Sacrificing Learner Privacy

Lockdown Browser that Enables Academic Integrity without Sacrificing Learner Privacy

CALGARY, CANADA (April 10, 2022) - Integrity Advocate is proud to publicly announce its part in a global alliance and the release of the world's only privacy-focused proctoring service with the ability to convert any computer into a secure workstation and verify the identity and participation of learners.

This global alliance includes universities and private contributors that range from Monash University & The University of New South Wales (Australia). to the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, The University of Zurich, The University of Geneva (Switzerland), and The University of Kansas (USA).

The advanced privacy-focused capabilities of Integrity Advocate will now include the ability of clients utilizing software that will control learner access to resources like system functions, other websites, and applications and will prevent any unauthorized on-screen resources from being used during any assessment.

To maintain Integrity Advocate’s commitment to learner privacy, the added capabilities are ALL provided without sending ANY personal information from the learner computer to servers, web analytics, user tracking, or clickstream analytics service. The assessment content itself is not shared or accessible even to Integrity Advocate. 

As an added level of transparency, the code associated with this additional functionality is kept open-source and open to review and scrutiny. 

Up to this point, Integrity Advocate has refused to offer a “lock-down browser” type service because doing so would require learners to install code that could collect data from their computer and increase their exposure to malware threats.” says Robert Day, CEO of Integrity Advocate, "we are very excited that learners everywhere will now have the ability to complete high-stake assessments remotely through a process that maintains the highest standard of academic integrity without sacrificing their privacy".

About Integrity Advocate 

Integrity Advocate is a Canadian company founded in 2015 with employees across the globe. Offering online proctoring, identity verification, and participation monitoring services globally through integrations with a wide variety of Learning Management Systems and Assessment Suites. 

Integrity Advocate is the only identity verification, participation monitoring, and exam proctoring solution built on Privacy by Design principles.

Integrity Advocate offers a privacy-focused, low administration online proctoring application alternative to products/services offered by organizations that include Proctorio, ProctorU, Respondus, Examity, Honorlock & more. 

More details on the newly available technology compilation is available through the Integrity Advocate website.