The Great Privacy Hack
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The Great Privacy Hack

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The Great Privacy Hack
August 28, 2019
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All of us at one time or another have experienced the online phenomenon of behavioral targeting.  Ads and articles that mysteriously show up in your feed that directly correlate with your most recent personal likes or dislikes.

Through this, it’s easy to suspect that platforms such as Facebook or Google might somehow be listening in on conversations that you have had either on the phone, via email or even instant messenger. After all, how else would they know where you have been thinking of taking that next vacation or the types of new cars you and your friends have been discussing recently?

Are you ready?  You told them.

Well inadvertently anyways.

Through your online activities like Google searches, social media likes/dislikes, and app downloads, an online personality profile has been building for years. Predicting your behaviour with your data collected has become a Trillion Dollar industry with YOU as the commodity.

Don’t despair, undenounced to most, there are numerous ways to minimize your data footprint and get your privacy back. These include using private browsers like TOR, opting out of interest-based advertising (yes this is possible) or installing tracker blockers like

With this being said, we should not need to take measures on our own to protect personal privacy – our privacy protection should be built into the collecting organization’s system, as the default.

This concept, known as Privacy by Design has become the backbone for The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and is the architecture on which the Integrity Advocate platform has been designed and constructed.

Privacy by Design means privacy has been incorporated into technology and systems, by default. It means this product is designed with privacy as a priority, along with whatever other purposes the system serves.

Through our use of Privacy by Design architecture, no inadvertent data is ever collected, retained, or disseminated.  This means that unlike other proctoring solutions, we put the privacy of the individual first.