Why an unlimited license isn’t the lowest cost option for your online proctoring service
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Why an unlimited license isn’t the lowest cost option for your online proctoring service

Why an unlimited license isn’t the lowest cost option for your online proctoring service

My wife came home one day early in our marriage excited that she had the opportunity to buy a used Volvo that was in great condition at a great price. We had just had our second child, so the reported safety record of a Volvo was intriguing but money was tight and I was immediately curious as to how ‘great’ the deal was. Long story short, we bought the Volvo, my new wife was very happy with me, and my kids were riding in what many would say is the safest car on the road. But despite a great deal, we found the ongoing costs were just too much. To give just one example — the windshield wiper motor stopped working and the estimate for repair was $150 for labour and $725 for the replacement part… all for a broken windshield wiper motor! 

Simply put, the cost of regular maintenance far exceeded what we paid for the car. The total cost of ownership just kept climbing. 

When your organization is selecting a technology partner to help with verifying learner identity and participation or to simply proctor an exam there will be direct and indirect costs. The direct costs will always be the cheapest if you select a solution that requires installation of software and includes no human verification — because this product is the simplest and therefore the cheapest to build and maintain. 

The indirect costs in this example would be the support required by the end-user to assist them in an often lengthy and confusing installation process, address compatibility limitations, and answer countless support questions about clumsy technology. Additional and ongoing indirect costs include the time and effort your administrators and instructors must spend reviewing learner results and taking appropriate action based on the findings.

Integrity Advocate has continually demonstrated that the lowest cost option (including indirect costs) is a hybrid solution that does not rely on algorithms to detect suspicious activity that organizations need to review, nor is dependent on scheduling time with human proctors who monitor multiple sessions at the same time. A hybrid solution utilizes the on-demand, consistent, and time-saving benefits of artificial intelligence to augment human reviewers that can show discretion and make decisions that illuminate the need for additional instructor administration.

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