Quick Reference Guide - Instructor

Background of Integrity Advocate

Integrity Advocate is a complete proctoring service that verifies user identity and monitors learner behavior during quizzes. The Learner is made aware of the rules you set before they begin the exam. The Learners will also have an opportunity to review the privacy policy. Deviation from the set rules will be captured by Integrity Advocate and documented for you to review.

Important Link & Emails

End User Support Email – support@integrityadvocate.com

End User Support

System Requirements 

Specific Pages for System Requirement: 

·       Integrity Advocate without Full Screen Monitoring 

·       Integrity Advocate with Full Screen Monitoring

·       Integrity Lock

Admin Support

Status Page

Technical Support Email – partners@integrityadvocate.com

Sales Email - sales@integrityadvocate.com

Adding the Integrity Advocate Widget to your Course Homepage

  1. Create a custom homepage. (If you haven’t already)
  2. Click on the 3 dots at the bottom of the homepage and select Edit this Homepage.

3. While editing the homepage, under Widgets, select Add Widgets. search for Integrity Advocate LTI 1.3 select it and click Add. Save and Close.

Enable Integrity Advocate on an Activity

  1. From within the Integrity Advocate Widget, click the Activities tab. Each quiz/assignment/content activity will appear in the list. Check the Enable Integrity Advocate box associated with the desired activity.
  2. Next, select Yes if the quiz will be Auto graded (Quizzes only). Select No if your quiz does not use a Submission View (the last page of the quiz process in D2L) and is manually graded (i.e. long-answer questions).
  1. Optional User Grade Item. Once the test session is complete you can review the session results of each Learner via the Integrity Advocate widget on the course homepage. Additionally, you can add a session status column in the course Gradebook. Check Use Grade Item, if you would like to create an IA Status grade column in the gradebook. This column will be another way to view if the learner Passed or Failed the session rules.

  2. Select the Rules level.

DEMO = Use this level for Learner pre- testing. No data is collected but allows Learners to test their system. It is strongly recommended that a DEMO quiz be placed in the course to allow Learners to test for compatibility.

Level 1-6 = Learn more about rules on the Admin Support page.

  1. Click the Select Rules option to set the rules for the quiz, then Submit. Learners will be informed of the chosen rules at the start of the quiz.

Bypassing Integrity Advocate in a Quiz

When a bypass code is entered during the Integrity Advocate pre-check process, the Learner will be allowed to proceed without IA running during the test session.

 1.     Once the learner is prompted for the Integrity Advocate pre-check, click the gear icon located in the upper right corner.

2.  Manually enter the bypass code for the learner, then click the green checkmark to continue. The Learner may begin the exam.

To request/delete bypass codes contact partners@integrityadvocate.com

Do not share this code with Learners.

View the Proctored Results

  1. From within the IA Widget on the course homepage click the Participants tab.
  2. Click on the exam being reviewed.
  3. Click the Select Status dropdown and filter on Invalid (Rules) or Invalid IDs.

Invalid (Rules): Identifies Learners who have flagged sessions.

Invalid IDs: Identifies Learners who did not produce a clear or valid ID. Integrity Advocate emails the Learner directly asking for them to resubmit their ID. This link can also be found in the Participant’s tab. Search for the participant and under Status, select Resubmit ID. This will provide a link to send to the participant. 

There are four possible statuses that you will see in the Integrity Advocate widget under the Participants tab. 

  1. In Progress. If there is an End date and time, the session is being reviewed. If the end date and time is "Incomplete", the participant is currently taking the quiz, or they began the session but left without completing (ie, closed the browser without closing the Integrity Advocate session).
  2. Valid. The session is complete with no violations.
  3. Invalid (ID). The participant has submitted an unreadable or non-approved ID and needs to resubmit.
  4. Invalid (Rules). There has been a violation of the selected rules for the quiz.

4. Review Status for Learner attempt and address Invalid statuses by clicking the participant’s name to access Learner images taken during quiz.

Note: Images will appear with notes indicating potential flags.

5. Once reviewed, click Override in the Learner attempt.
6. Click the dropdown and select Valid or leave as Invalid, then provide a reason.
7. Click Submit

Note: If the Use Grade Item is selected in the widget for the quiz, click Update Grade to update the Gradebook for the Learner attempt. The IA Status column associated with the quiz will update.