Integrity Advocate

Integrity Lock for MacOS

Installing Integrity Lock on MacOS

Step 1: Download SEB SetupBundle when prompted by Integrity Advocate

You can locate the Downloaded file one of the following ways:
Option 1: Directly in your bowser (top right hand corner).

 Option 2: Locating your Downloads folder within your computer (open Finder and access Downloads).

Step 2: Install SEB SetupBundle

Double click on the downloaded SafeExamBrowser and drag it to Applications.

Step 3: Download and run Integrity Lock configuration file when prompted by Integrity Advocate

Locate the downloaded file.

Run the downloaded Integrity Lock Launch file when you are ready to begin your testing. Safe Exam Bowser will open, enter your login credentials and begin testing.

NOTE: you will not be able to access any other site or application on your computer once you run Integrity Lock Launch file.

Exiting Safe Exam Browser

To quit SEB, do one of the following:

          - In the taskbar select SafeExamBrowser then Quit SEB

          - Exit button in the bottom right of the window

          - Key combination Cmd-Q

Uninstalling Integrity Lock

To uninstall Safe Exam Browser:
   1. Locate the app in the Finder
    2. Drag the app to the trash, or select the app and choose File > Move to Trash.