Integrity Advocate

Troubleshooting Tips

Screensharing (Mac only)

-       The guide on how to enable the screen recording for Mac will be shown on their page if it’s disabled.

-       Users will be asked to Open their System Preferences and allow the application/browser to record the content of their screen.

-       Users need to click on Quit & Reopen for the change to be saved. Then, users will need to navigate back to the quiz.

Name on photo ID does not match the session

Instruct users to register using the name on the ID that they will use for the exam.


ID resubmission

During the verification, user need to make sure:

-       The room is well-lit (not too bright or dark, no backlighting).

-       The ID is place in front of the camera and NOT on the computer screen.

-       ID is not too far from the camera.

-       Users can show the ID in the camera and look at the device’s screen to see if it’s clear before taking a photo of it.

-       If the submitted ID is not clear, and there’s really a need to resubmit, users can do the suggestions above or use another device such as a smartphone to take better photos.

Camera issue

-       Prior to the exam, users need to make sure that their device has a working camera. They can do this by opening the default camera on their device (Camera app, Photo Booth).

-       On the verification page, there’s an option to see how to allow the necessary permissions of the browser. If that won’t work, they can try to clear the browser’s cache.

-       Check the browser’s extensions and disable those that could potentially restrict the camera access such as ad-blockers like McAfee, AdBlock, AdGuard, etc.

-       Check if connected to VPN, there’s anti-virus and any other restrictions on the device - Work computers sometimes have restricted access. If they are using one, they can ask their IT/work admins to disable the restrictions or use another device.

-       Try another browser or device if above steps won’t work

Stuckon “Submitting Image”

-       Users just need to refresh the page.