Case Study: Higher Education
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Case Study: Higher Education

Case Study: Higher Education


  • 48,000+ Students
  • 2,000+ Faculty Members
  • LMS: D2L Brightspace
  • COVID Pandemic pushed 100% of exams online remotely
  • Growing student frustration & privacy concerns with current proctoring provider
  • Looking for solution with ease of use, simple integration & transparent billing
  • Used Academic Level Validation with flexible rule sets adjustable at the exam level

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“British Columbia has some of the most stringent protection of privacy laws in the world and, after 10+ years of living with them, we’ve mastered the processes and standards needed to review new systems for privacy and cybersecurity compliance. Integrity Advocate was a perfect solution in this regard.”

Bryan Fair - Special Projects Office - British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT)


Integrity Advocate replaced a legacy service provider that students had expressed frustration and privacy concerns with.

Due to Integrity Advocate’s seamless integration and partnership with D2L Brightspace, the mid-year integration switch was easily supported by all involved.  

From January – May 2021 Integrity Advocate proctored 13,000+ exams delivered remotely.


With limited effort, BCIT was able to switch proctoring providers mid-way through the school year without disrupting the student learning experience. Faculty members were able to easily add Integrity Advocate to chosen exams within D2L Brightspace and all vetted results were clearly accessible so as to minimize administrative tasks.

Only 1% of utilizing students reached out for end user support.



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