We believe that learners should never be forced to compromise their privacy for education, employment, or certification

At Integrity Advocate, our commitment to user privacy and user-friendly technology guides every product decision we make. As advocates for online learners, we approach identification verification, participation monitoring, and online proctoring with their needs in mind.

We cut our teeth in high-risk industries where providing secure online assessments that promote compliance and integrity can save lives.

We then expanded to bring our innovative solution to higher education and K-12, where privacy concerns and the need for flexible, low-administration technology grows exponentially every day. 


Integrity Advocate was founded in 2015 by Robert Day, a licensed investigator and paralegal working for a multinational oil and gas company as a regulatory and risk mitigation specialist,  and Scott Dellinger, a programmer with a background in encryption, biometrics, and artificial intelligence working for a certifying body.

Faced with the challenge of finding a service that could verify the identity and participation of online learners without creating extensive support needs due to device restriction, software installations and the significant risk of privacy complaints and vulnerabilities, they formed Integrity Advocate as a privacy-first alternative to existing solutions.

Based in Alberta, Integrity Advocate is a proud Canadian company with employees across the globe.

Privacy recommendations

Truly private messaging

Signal is a free messaging app for mobile and desktop. A 501c3 nonprofit, Signal provides a privacy-first, ad-free, end-to-end encrypted messaging experience.

A search engine built for privacy

DuckDuckGo is a free tracker blocker, encryption enforcer, and private search engine that allows you to browse the internet privately (even if you’re using Google).

Ensure email privacy

Based in Switzerland, ProtonMail is a free, open-source, encrypted email service. No installation or personal information required to get started.

A better browsing experience

Brave is a privacy and security-first browser alternative to Google Chrome or Firefox.


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What we DON'T do
Require learners to manage the technology and clients to do the administration.

Our hybrid model provides the lowest all-in cost alternative.