Integrity Advocate Live

Your first layer of defense against fraud

Real-time virtual proctoring to catch and resolve issues faster

Integrity Advocate’s Live feature is the closest you can get to traditional, in-person exam proctoring — online. Sessions are reviewed as they happen, by a real person, and monitored based on rules you set out. Noncompliance is flagged earlier, giving students the opportunity to correct their behaviour or address the issue with less back and forth.

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A simple, easy-to-use learner interface keeps support calls to a minimum.


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Real-time Monitoring

Integrity Advocate reviewers monitor a live feed of ongoing exam sessions in real-time.

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Client Compliance

Reviewers can alert users when they're at risk of a violation, or eject them from session if necessary.

Prompt Intervention

IA reviewers check for rules violations as they happen and respond accordingly.

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1:1 Validation

A final check of all sessions by IA's review team for an extra layer of protection.

Use Cases

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Higher Education

College and university exams and testing

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High-Stakes Testing

Mission-critical safety and compliance training

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Professional Accreditation

Licensing boards and professional certifications

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Why Live?

Online proctoring systems typically leverage a combination of AI-based algorithms and human reviewers to ensure compliance and prevent fraud. This is cost-effective and generally accurate, but the main drawback is that, if a reviewer does find anything of concern, investigating the issue takes time and requires back-and-forth with, often, both the student and the administrator.

Wouldn’t it be easier to intervene during the test itself?

That’s exactly what Integrity Advocate Live does. For high stakes exams with strict rules and participation requirements, IA Live makes it easier to resolve issues faster — and complete testing — faster. Based on rules you’ve set out and communicated to our team, our live reviewers monitor sessions as they happen, flagging things like improper ID, use of a phone, searching for answers on the web, etc.

For additional peace of mind, IA Live proctoring is followed by after-the-fact review by our team — ensuring that nothing slips through the cracks, while eliminating additional work around minor violations that are caught in real-time.

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