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Detect the use of undetectable 'study aid' plug-ins

There's a new threat on the online testing horizon. GPT-enabled 'study aid' plugins are cheap, easy-to-use and virtually undetectable by most modern proctoring and desktop monitoring systems. Except for ExposeAI.

Download our AI and Online Testing position paper for more context on this evolving issue:

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Simple rules and a straightforward interface make ExposeAI the easiest, most stress-free solution for test takers.


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No Installation

Don't fight a plug-in with a plug-in. Eliminate security challenges and support issues.

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1:1 Human Verification

All sessions are reviewed by human proctors to eliminate false positives and reduce admin hassles.

Works on all Platforms

Desktop, mobile, Chrome, Explorer — ExposeAI is the only plug-in detector that works on all devices.

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Future-Proof Protection

ExposeAI's proprietary architecture is built to evolve alongside emerging threats to online testing integrity.

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Mission-Critical Testing

College and university exams and testing

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Higher Education

Mission-critical safety and compliance training

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Professional Certifications

Licensing boards and professional certifications

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AI 'study aids,' like Transcript, automatically fill in multiple choice questions and can be hidden from browser view. Watch the explainer video above to see it in action.

New Tools for Emerging Threats

AI-enabled tools, like Chat GPT, have the potential to revolutionize online training. AI has opened up new opportunities around accessibility and language support, automation and more. But it also introduces new types of unethical behaviour.

In the past six months, we’ve seen an explosion in the availability of AI ‘study aids’ undetectable browser plug-ins that automatically complete multiple choice questions for participants. Some of these plug-ins even obscure their code, so they can’t be seen in the back end, either. Coupled with a general lack of precautions around ID verification, these plug-ins make it easy for even a dog to get alcohol server training, for example. 

Integrity Advocate’s ExposeAI is the only tool on the market equipped to detect these threats. Using a combination of machine lending and human review, we can accurately flag the use of plug-ins and other ‘study aid’ technologies that enable unethical behaviour in online testing. 

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