Integrity Advocate and Totara

Integrity Advocate works with one of Totara’s leading partners, The Learning Syndicate. The Learning Syndicate takes the Totara Total Experience Platform (TXP) to produce highly engaging solutions that drive powerful learner experiences — with great designs, easy to use journeys, and plenty of integrations built in.

Together, Integrity Advocate and the Learning Syndicate offer a fully integrated invigilation/participation monitoring solution for the Totara platform.

Learning SyndicateLearning Syndicate

Trusted Partners

Talent LMSTalent LMS

How it works

Multi-tenancy support

Full support for multiple user groups, departments and training needs — all in a unified platform that’s easy to manage.

Fully customizable

Integrate your LMS with a full stack of business tools to drive productivity and performance out of your learning experiences.

Next-gen tech

Identify opportunities to use VR, AR and AI to create a more immersive, more secure learning experience.


Seamlessly transact anywhere in the world. Fully integrated with a range of payment methods and CMS solutions.

Seamless Integrations

Learning Syndicate's experts look at your entire enterprise environment to identify ways to enrich the learning experience. Get connected with a system that's problem-solving, solutions-focused and built to deliver real-world results.


Create a tailored solution for the same price as an off-the-shelf package. Learning Syndicate provides expert support around project scoping and costs, so you can keep your budget under control white delivering a world-class learning experience.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

The same goes for learning solutions. You have your own needs, your own style, and your own personality. Learning Syndicate’s solution architects and UX/UI team will create an experience that is intuitive, easy-to-follow and ignites your brand.



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What we DON'T do
Sacrifice user privacy for certification integrity or administrative freedom for ease of use.

Forcing you to make a difficult choice.

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