We believe that learners should never be forced to unreasonably compromise their privacy for employment, certification, or education

The United Nations includes the Right to Privacy in their Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The Right to Privacy is also included in the constitutions of 17 countries across the globe. There is a growing demand from citizens that our institutions stop collecting and selling our personally identifiable information without explicit approval.

We created Integrity Advocate as a privacy-first alternative to legacy solutions that unfairly force learners to download unfamiliar software or plugins and to unnecessarily share their personal information.

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For us, privacy isn’t just a buzzword. It’s at the center of every product decision we make. Below, we are proud to share how we diligently protect user privacy.


What is done to minimize the Personally Identifiable Information (PII) that is collected, processed, shared, stored, and retained?

At each step in our process, we consider: Are we handling more PII than is required to ensure session integrity? Are we requiring more information from learners than they are required to provide if the session was done in person? We can proudly state that where learners have demonstrated compliance with session rules the PII retained is limited to one image of the learner, their name, and their email address.

Who owns the PII retained by Integrity Advocate and would it be sold in the event of a company/share sale?

Integrity Advocate does not claim ownership of PII at any time. Part of our privacy agreement with learners outlines that in the event of a sale none of their PII will be transferred to new ownership.

How long is PII retained and how do you ensure it is deleted when promised?

All PII data is created with Time To Live (TTL) characteristic embedded in it that limits the lifetime of the data. Once the prescribed time span has elapsed, data is automatically deleted. As a default, the vast majority of PII is deleted in 24 hours and all other data in 24 months. For questions regarding our privacy policies and practices or requests to have your personal information corrected and/or deleted, please contact us at

Where is the PII collected by Integrity Advocate stored?

All PII data is stored by default in Ontario, Canada, out of reach of jurisdictions with governments requiring access to the data. Client-specified storage locations are possible so long as a similar level of control can be maintained.

Does any software/plugins need to be installed to use Integrity Advocate and if so, how do learners know it cannot be reactivated without their consent/knowledge?

Integrity Advocate operates without any software/plugin install and maintains all of the browser/OS safeguards. The only trace of Integrity Advocate having run on the learner’s browser will disappear with the learner’s cache.

How do learners know what PII has been stored/shared and what decisions were made regarding it?

Learners are provided full access to the PII retained by Integrity Advocate and conclusions drawn through emails sent directly to them and/or through LMS LTI integrations.

How does Integrity Advocate minimize the risk of transmitting PII over the internet?

Data that never leaves the learner’s device is far more secure than data that does. For this reason, the Integrity Advocate patent-pending application is designed to execute facial detection, facial recognition, and optical character recognition processes right on the learner’s device.

How is PII protected as it is transmitted over the internet and when stored?

The first and most important aspect to security is to reduce the value of the items you are trying to protect. Integrity Advocate’s policies on data minimization and deletion remove any benefit to potential hackers. In addition, all PII is encrypted both in transit and at rest, and is stored on servers and protected by controls that are all subject to regular audits to the SOC 2 Security Standard.

How does Integrity Advocate protect learners from inaccurate and biased decisions made by artificial intelligence?

All sessions are reviewed by humans who determine if a violation occurred. Integrity Advocate uses artificial intelligence solely to aid both learners and human reviewers by calling attention to specific situations. As users of AI, we can adamantly proclaim that such technology is still in its infancy and cannot be relied on to make decisions with accuracy, discretion, and without a systemic bias.

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Committed to protecting both learner and institution privacy, we’ve prepared informational papers outlining how Integrity Advocate complies with privacy regulations including GDPR and FERPA, across the globe. Wondering if we comply with a privacy legislation that your organization is subject to? Contact us for more information today.

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