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Integrity Advocate was designed to integrate seamlessly with our Learning Management (LMS) partners. End users never need to leave their LMS and clients aren’t burdened with additional administrative tasks. And no one needs to remember yet another username and password! Additionally, we use LTI technology to bring the necessary functionality into the LMS so you can easily manage user’s proctored sessions. 

Integrity Advocate integrates into open-source and proprietary LMS's across the globe, and supports new integrations with any LMS on the market.

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How it works

Activate within your LMS

Without redirects, pop-ups, or installs, learners can access their course/exam the same way they always have — except now with an integrated ability to verify their identity, monitor their participation, and proctor their exams.

Customize rules

LMS admins can effortlessly change the rules associated with events to match the monitoring efforts to the need

View session results

Learners can see their own results while admins have complete access to all participant results and the ability to have results trigger or withhold further access, certificates, and more as needed.

Override results

Admins and faculty can easily overrule the findings of Integrity Advocate reviewers to accommodate special situations.

Protect learner privacy

Committed to protecting learner privacy, Integrity Advocate maintains the same adherence to Privacy by Design principles regardless of which LMS we integrate with. We never collect more information than is necessary, and always with full transparency.

Relief for faculty

Give faculty back the gift of time with a fully integrated solution and full-service reviews. Faculty can spend as much or as little time as they require reviewing session results and customizing rules.

24/7 learner support

With nothing to schedule and no installation needed, reduce test anxiety by creating a safe, welcoming experience where learners never have to leave your learning environment. Support agents are available every day, all day to help.


Learn how we make integration a breeze

We can integrate seamlessly and make Integrity Advocate’s functionality a native feature of the LMS. Schedule a time that works for your team to discuss.

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What we DON'T do
Force LMS partners to support a disjointed, jarring experience.

By requiring clients to leave their LMS to change settings or view data.

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