Canadian Company Taking the Global Proctoring World by Storm
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Canadian Company Taking the Global Proctoring World by Storm

Canadian Company Taking the Global Proctoring World by Storm

[Calgary, Alberta - November 28, 2023] Integrity Advocate is celebrating its ongoing expansion into global online proctoring. Given recent developments, this company's dedication to all its clients, the world over, is undeniable.

This Canadian company entered the online proctoring industry in 2015. It still provides the only solution that doesn't require any installation, plugin, or extension. Integrity Advocate continues to set the gold standard for academic integrity, from basic identity verification to high stakes exams.

Integrity Advocate began by managing data storage exclusively within the Canadian jurisdiction. They remain committed to safeguarding participant data and privacy while providing the flexibility to respond to diverse regulatory requirements. 

Integrity Advocate can now securely segregate their clients' participant data into any of over twenty Amazon Web Services regions. Each region will provide the same rigorous data protection controls and maintain the highest standards of security and privacy.

The new data storage options allow Integrity Advocate to cater to a variety of industry specific requirements. Organizations will benefit from Integrity Advocate’s commitment to flexibility and compliance. End users will benefit from proctoring that protects their personal data and does not distract from their testing experience.

Integrity Advocate has gone from supporting over 64 languages to also providing multilingual functionality for back-end administrative staff. This app remembers and applies the language preference of each user when it requires email communication.

These are significant milestones that demonstrate the company’s dedication to serving its global clientele. With this definitive arrival on the world stage, Integrity Advocate continues to plan for further expansion.

Integrity Advocate continues to show proctoring savvy, as shown by their response to recent GPT plug-in developments. GPT plug-ins have compromised learning management systems (LMS) globally. These types of GPT plug-ins answer questions on behalf of learners without learners needing to leave the LMS. 

Integrity Advocate now offers Expose AI, a multilingual functionality to assist organizations in exposing and addressing these threats to academic integrity. Their flexible approach to meeting the unique needs of their clients and users is driving their global growth.

For more information about Integrity Advocate and its expanded global reach and multilingual support capabilities, please contact