Compliance Brief: PDP and Integrity Advocate
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Compliance Brief: PDP and Integrity Advocate

Compliance Brief: PDP and Integrity Advocate

December 30, 2022

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Integrity Advocate has released their Australia 2022 PDP Act & IPPs Compliance Brief. The purpose of this brief is to help organizations understand whether their proctoring solution meets Australia’s standards and requirements. 

Schedule 1 of the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 (Vic) contains the Information Privacy Principles (IPPs). The IPPs are the core of privacy law in Victoria (Australia) and set out the minimum standard for how Victorian public sector organizations should manage personal information. The full text of the IPPs is detailed below.

The purpose of this brief is to ensure that personal information is obtained in ways that respect the fundamental right to privacy. Many organizations rely on personal information to stay in touch with their customers or clients, and to better understand how their customers are using their products and services in order to meet their needs. Ensuring that personal information is kept private is a good practice in any case, as it demonstrates respect and consideration.

Online education services are challenged with providing a participation monitoring and proctoring service that incorporates not only the best possible user experience with robust integrity controls, but also adheres to the required privacy protection for learners. Integrity Advocate has demonstrated compliance with the PDP Act, allowing for organizations to utilize the online monitoring services with confidence and that the intent of the PDP Act & IPP’s — as described in the 10 key principles — have been met

Integrity Advocate & PDP Act (2014) IPPs