How to stop personal information from being stockpiled, sold and hacked.
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How to stop personal information from being stockpiled, sold and hacked.

How to stop personal information from being stockpiled, sold and hacked.

At the heart of privacy protection is a simple concept: Data Minimization.

By not collecting, retaining, or distributing personal data that is not required, means that this very data cannot be leaked, hacked, or released as it shouldn’t exist to begin with.

Sounds simple right? No so much for many technology companies, as the amassing of userdata increases company valuation tenfold.

Glancing at various privacy policies from proctoring companies around the world, you will see statements like:

"Inthe event we sell some or all of our assets, it is possible your personal data could be one of the assets transferred to the purchaser.”

"We may disclose your personal information to third parties if we are involved in a merger, acquisition, or sale of any or all of our business and/or our assets to a third party.”


The volume of data and how long it is retained directly increases the likelihood that it could be used, intentionally or unintentionally, in ways disturbing to the individuals affected.

While there is always quick mention of data encryption, security certificates and procedures, it should be known that these very security assurances did not stop the personal data being hacked and released from a well-known proctoring service. It was recently reported that many years of data, involving over 400,000 students was obtained illegally and shared on the dark web.

Privacy protection through data minimization greatly reduces the potential of datagained and substantially decreases the likelihood of any sort of hack to begin with.  Afterall, why hack something when there is nothing of value to hack.

What should you do?

When using services for identity verification,participation monitoring or exam proctoring, ensure that they do not include personal data as a transferable asset, they delete data when no longer required,and they fully embrace data minimization by not sharing identity credentials and unlimited video feeds.

Contactis today to learn how Integrity Advocate uses Privacy by Design architecture to ensure your personal data is always protected through Data Minimization.