The Impact of LMS integrated GPT plugins on Assessment Integrity
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The Impact of LMS integrated GPT plugins on Assessment Integrity

The Impact of LMS integrated GPT plugins on Assessment Integrity

As organizations increasingly rely on learning management systems (LMS) to deliver training materials and assessments, organizations need to be aware of the potential risks posed by plugins designed specifically for infiltrating these systems. These plugins are powered by Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT), like ChatGPT. Alarming videos have surfaced, like the one below, showing how these plugins are able work in a millisecond, providing quick answers with little effort from the user. The first part of the video shows the testing experience as it should be. The second part shows the experience answers already prefilled, thanks to one of these GPT-powered tools.

It is important for organizations using LMS platforms to understand how easily these tools work. GPT powered plugins could undermine any value that an organization is trying to get out of their LMS platform. Your organization could face reputational as well as  serious financial consequences for failing to uphold the integrity of your assessments.

The following video shows how an LMS-integrated GPT plugin has answered all questions so quickly it appears the learner was provided a pre-answered assessment.

GPT empowered plugins can provide users with answers to multiple choice and written answer questions without the users even needing to leave the LMS. Users no longer need to put forth any real effort into learning or understanding material presented. Users can now rely on a plugin to provide all the answers they need. This technology has advanced rapidly and these developments pose an immediate risk of undermining the value of using an LMS if not properly addressed. The reputational risk could result in financial consequences of its own.

Early intervention to address the misuse of GPT empowered LMS plugins is imperative to safeguard the value of the knowledge that LMS platforms are charged with delivering. Devaluation of LMS activities could lead students and employees down a path of disengaging from content they are supposed to be learning. A monitoring system that flags suspicious activity can ensure that appropriate action is taken when needed.

Fortunately, there is a solution that does not rely on end user installation: Integrity Advocate helps to maintain the reliability of your assessments. Integrity Advocate provides a proactive solution to deter the use of GPT-powered plugins for activities conducted through an LMS, while also allowing students access to resources they may need during testing sessions.

Integrity Advocate works by monitoring user activity upon entering into a test or exam session via a LMS platform, flagging any behaviour that goes against the selected ruleset. The rulesets can include rules against the use of GPT powered LMS plugins as well as collaborative tools, like Zoom. This solution works with your organization to ensure fairness and accuracy across all assessments being conducted online through your organization’s chosen platform(s).

Trustworthiness is imperative when it comes to using an LMS system. Integrity Advocate offers a real-time monitoring solution that capitalizes on the joint strength of both automated and human proctoring. This is a no-installation solution for monitoring activities within each respective LMS. No installation means an easier end-user experience and fewer chances for GPT-powered plugins to access an LMS.

You can gain peace-of-mind knowing that any activities that go against your rules will be flagged immediately, thereby ensuring that the integrity of your LMS remains intact. Your organization can ensure fairness among all participants while preserving reliable assessment outcomes. Take the proactive step now, by bringing Integrity Advocate into your proctoring toolkit.

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