Innovative Integrity Technology on Online Documents and Forms
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Innovative Integrity Technology on Online Documents and Forms

Innovative Integrity Technology on Online Documents and Forms

Integrity Advocate’s online proctoring technology and services are now commonly used for far more than training and assessments. Organizations are moving more processes online for efficiency and convenient benefits and want to ensure the practical and legal benefits are not lost in the transition.

Some of the innovative applications of the Integrity Advocate technology have included:

·     A 17-billion-dollar construction project required verification of the identity of personnel accessing the worksite and also required personnel to accept a drug and alcohol compliance policy.. After a legal review, it was concluded that by using Integrity Advocate the project could move the policy acceptance process online, eliminating excess administration and delays associated with over 100,000 individuals requiring site access.

·     An athletic event organization required all participants to sign a pre-event waiver as an insurance requirement. They utilized Integrity Advocate to demonstrate to their insurer that the named individual completed the event waiver and understood the associated risks. This innovation resulted in less on-site infrastructure, processing delays, and lineups that are common to this industry.

·     A multinational construction company added Integrity Advocate ID verification to their hiring process. This enabled the organization’s Human Resources team to onboard personnel at great distances. This eliminated the need for in-person interaction, saving workers from incurring additional travel (and the associated costs) and allowing them to be dispatched directly to their assigned worksite.

·     A technology provider added Integrity Advocate participation monitoring and ID verification to their compliance management system (CMS) to verify that required personnel are reviewing and accepting company policies. This acceptance process eliminated past processes of mini-quizzes, self-declarations, and ‘hoping’ that the policies were being reviewed.

In all these cases the organizations involved were able to reduce travel costs, delays, and administration while also being able to know and prove who completed the associated documents. 

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