Integrity Advocate Announces Multi-region Support
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Integrity Advocate Announces Multi-region Support

Integrity Advocate Announces Multi-region Support

Integrity Advocate, a Canadian company, offers services that range from identity verification, assessment proctoring, to high-stake exam proctoring. Integrity Advocate  thus far has managed its data storage demands through the use of servers residing only within the Canadian jurisdiction. In order to accommodate ongoing growth, Integrity Advocate has now launched data storage capabilities across a variety of jurisdictions globally. 

Up to this point, Integrity Advocate has stored participant data only in the Canada (Central) region because of the strong data protection laws and its recognition under GDPR as a privacy positive jurisdiction.

As Integrity Advocate’s utilization globally expanded, so has the need to recognize specific client needs and jurisdictional requirements that can be best supported by numerous options. With these new and expanded data storage capabilities participant data can be segregated to any of over twenty Amazon Web Services regions (with plans to continue expanding).

All regions will have the exact same controls and all participant data will be protected. This is maintained by a resilient physical infrastructure as well as from Integrity Advocate’s strong adherence to Privacy by Design principles.

Integrity Advocate is the only software and service provider of identity/participation verification and proctoring service provider that has been able to balance academic integrity, accessibility, privacy and usability (low support requirements) without putting clients, LMS partners and learners at risk. For more information contact