And We’re Live! Integrity Advocate Announces Real-Time Proctoring for High-Stakes Testing
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And We’re Live! Integrity Advocate Announces Real-Time Proctoring for High-Stakes Testing

And We’re Live! Integrity Advocate Announces Real-Time Proctoring for High-Stakes Testing

February 13, 2024

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Integrity Advocate is proud to announce the immediate availability of live proctoring services for higher education, professional certification and other high-stakes online testing. Developed in response to overwhelming demand from assessment administrators, we’re excited to offer customers in all sectors a new way to ensure the integrity of their assessments. 

Read on for details, or visit our Solutions page for a closer look.

How It Works

Integrity Advocate Live is built for simplicity; using our proprietary review interface, our proctors monitor your learners in real-time, looking for violations to your custom set of rules. If anything comes up, we intervene as it happens, giving participants a chance to correct their behaviour and avoid an issue later. 

There’s nothing to install — no plug-ins or dedicated browsers — and every session is reviewed in full afterwards to capture anything missed in the monitoring process. Think of it as the most defensible strategy against fraud, and an important source of peace of mind when running high-stakes testing.  

Key Features

  • Installation-free live monitoring: Eliminate security risks and ensure a seamless user experience. Because there’s nothing to download or install, learner support requirements are minimal — less than 0.5%.
  • On-demand intervention: We communicate directly with participants, in real time. This allows for immediate intervention — up to and including terminating the session for repeated violations.  
  • Post-event review: Our team subjects every session to a thorough post-event review. This provides a necessary additional layer of scrutiny to the proctoring process, ensuring nothing is missed.
  • Human-centric approach: Unlike other live proctoring solutions, we don’t let AI make decisions. All sessions are reviewed by real people, who are trained on your rules, and apply discretion and context to make informed, bias-free judgments.

Why Integrity Advocate?

Integrity Advocate Live further expands our ability to provide comprehensive proctoring, review, participation monitoring and related services. As our service and product offerings evolve, however, we remain committed to a set of core values, which include:

  • Integrity: It’s in our name, and it’s something we live by. Every day, we leverage technology and human expertise to provide a straightforward, trouble-free experience for our clients and the people who learn with them. 
  • Flexibility: Your testing, your rules. We work with clients to determine their requirements and put together a combination of services that will balance accuracy with accessibility, including proctoring, ID verification, browser monitoring and more.  
  • AI ethics: AI is a powerful tool, but it shouldn’t make decisions. To ensure fair and unbiased assessments, our AI use is restricted to providing suggestions — an algorithm will never make a decision that could impact the integrity of a test, or negatively affect a learner. 

Whether your online exam requires live proctoring, participation monitoring, non-compliance detection or ID verification, Integrity Advocate has a solution for you. We integrate as seamlessly with the most popular LMS as we do with proprietary LMS — and have a long history of supporting workforce training, professional certifications, higher education and many other verticals.  

With the release of Integrity Advocate Live, we’ve made it even easier to work together. Ready to see it in action? Book a demo