SOC It 2 Me: Integrity Advocate Gets Compliant (Again)
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SOC It 2 Me: Integrity Advocate Gets Compliant (Again)

SOC It 2 Me: Integrity Advocate Gets Compliant (Again)

February 26, 2024

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For the third year in a row, Integrity Advocate — with help from our amazing auditors, Johanson Group, and our security partner, Carbide — has sailed through the SOC 2, Type II certification process. SOC 2 compliance represents our ongoing commitment to security, privacy and integrity (it’s in our name, after all). It also means that anyone using our products or services — from partners to learners — can be certain their data is being handled securely. 

SOC 2 Certification — What’s Involved?

SOC 2, Type II certification is a complex process that involves defining security and privacy controls, implementing appropriate policies, conducting risk assessments, and continuously monitoring systems to ensure compliance. The process involves an extended audit, conducted over several months, that measures the effectiveness of these controls under real-world operating conditions. 

Why Did We Get Compliant?

SOC 2, Type II certification is commonly obtained by software-as-a-service (SaaS) vendors looking to demonstrate effective security controls to their partners. At Integrity Advocate, however, our commitment goes beyond that. Why?  

  1. We care about your security: No one should have to worry about their data. By reaffirming our commitment to continuous monitoring and repeatable processes, we’re building out a system for making sure we maintain the highest level of data security, even as new threats emerge and evolve.
  2. We want to earn your trust: We handle sensitive data for our clients every day — IDs, biometric data, and more. There’s a lot of trust implicit in this relationship.  SOC 2 is an official recognition of the high standards we hold our team and our processes to, in order to earn trust from our learners, customers and LMS partners.
  3. We want to be the best partner possible: SOC 2, Type II compliance is recognized across the industry as a universal standard based on proven security best practices. By getting — and staying — certified, we make it easier to work with new clients in all sectors: professional certification, industrial training, higher ed and more. 

What About Our Awesome Partners?

Throughout the certification process, our team worked closely with auditors from the Johanson Group. The collaboration was marked by transparent communication and a shared commitment to meeting rigorous standards; we also leveraged the security platform Carbide to guide the process.

Reflecting on this collaboration, Integrity Advocate’s Jena Dellinger remarked: 

Working with Johanson Group was a breeze. Their team's attentiveness and responsiveness, combined with the robust security features of Carbide, made the recertification process smooth and efficient.

What Does This Mean for Me?

For Integrity Advocate partners and clients, SOC 2, Type II compliance is simply another way of demonstrating our commitment to working for you and your learners. You can check out our Privacy page for more about how we keep your information safe, or visit our Blog for detailed info about various compliance and regulatory standards we support.