Case Study: Heavy Industry (Refining)

“Thanks to Integrity Advocate we have been able to leverage all the benefits of online training without sacrificing the efficacy, legal acceptability or regulatory value. We should have done this sooner.”

Justin Fex, Plant Manager Imperial Oil


  • 4,000 personnel
  • Personnel were majority third-party / union tradespersons
  • 2-hour training course
  • Pre-access training
  • Third party LMS
  • 1 hour configuration


Imperial Oil Strathcona Refinery moved its pre-access training online for over 4000 workers coming to their site for a maintenance event.

This training was previously delivered in-person just outside of the facility gate in temporary trailers brought in for that purpose. The on-site training caused significant delays and prevented personnel from starting work.

The move to online training, now that worker identity and participation could be verified, removed $1.4 million from the budget. An additional $1.5 million was also realized in saving throughout the event.

Total savings experienced - $2.9 million


With limited effort, Imperial Oil was able to reduce logistical expenditures, personnel time, and find numerous efficiencies that drove a return of $2,900,000 on a $95,000 investment.

Note: The move resulted in no workforce resistance, technological or privacy related issues.


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