Hi, I'm Phoebe — the World's Most Certified Pug!

online exam proctoring software

I shouldn't have my forklift operator's license, but I do!

In fact, I've got a lot of certifications — construction safety training, WHMIS... I've even got my boating license!

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online exam proctoring software

It probably shouldn't be this easy to get these certifications — but it is!

All I had to do was create an account, pay the fee and take the test. No one checked my ID!

I even used an AI plug in to get the answers right.

The plug-in installed right in my browser and completed the questions automatically. Once again, no one checked, and there was nothing to stop me!

Now I'm ready to work!

Every day, hundreds of people — and even dogs like me — are using online training and certification with no accountability, and no checks. That's great for dogs, but not so great for anyone who has to work with them.

You wouldn't let a dog operate a forklift. Why would you let it get forklift certified?

Integrity Advocate is the only ID verification and participation management system built for workplace training and safety certification. We integrate directly with your LMS to provide ID verification, participation monitoring and AI plug-in detection — with minimal invasiveness and nothing for your learners to download.  

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ID Verification

Confirm that the person (or dog) taking the test is who they say they are.

Participation Monitoring

Confirm that participants are aware, attentive, and not using external resources.

AI Detection

Prevent the use of AI "study aids" to answer multiple choice questions.