Integrity Advocate Announces Integration with Open LMS
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Integrity Advocate Announces Integration with Open LMS

Integrity Advocate Announces Integration with Open LMS

Integrity Advocate has announced a strategic partnership with Open LMS. Open LMS provides open-source learning management systems.

Integrity Advocate offers state-of-the-art remote proctoring software while Open LMS provides a robust learning management system. Together, these two solutions will combine to give institutions and educators a comprehensive solution. This partnership aims to provide a cohesive response to improve the security and integrity of online assessments.

Integrity Advocate's online proctoring app uses advanced technology to protect the validity and honesty of online testing. The software uses a range of tools to monitor each student's activity during an exam. It then alerts the instructor if any issues arise.

Open LMS is a cloud-based, open-source learning management system used by educational institutions worldwide. The platform provides many features, including course management, student engagement tools, and analytics.

The partnership between Integrity Advocate and Open LMS will streamline how online proctoring solutions are used within the learning management system. This integration will allow educators to efficiently create and manage exams with simplified online exam monitoring.

Rob Day, CEO of Integrity Advocate, said: "We are thrilled to collaborate with Open LMS. Together, we can offer a comprehensive solution to uphold academic integrity in online education. Our partnership will benefit educators and institutions. It will help maintain academic rigor, guarantee the accuracy of assessments, and safeguard the value of their academic programs."

This partnership will enable educational institutions to give secure and impartial online assessments, regardless of students' location or circumstance. Integration with Integrity Advocate's online proctoring software gives Open LMS educators confidence. They are assured that their students are demonstrating academic integrity and getting the credit they deserve.

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