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Integrity Lock represents a paradigm shift in the industry, eliminating the need for any end-user installations, and ensuring the utmost convenience for both institutions and students. Integrity Advocate has harnessed cutting-edge advancements in technology to create a secure assessment environment without compromising on privacy protection or burdening users with complex setup procedures.

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No Installation Required

With the risk of malware that is associated with plug-ins, extensions and any third-party software it was immensely important that Integrity Advocate could run without an installation. A lack of an installation requirement also supports utilizing organizations trying to avoid application installs by their end-users because of the extensive support needs and the additional liability.

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Ease of Integration

Designed to integrate seamlessly with our LMS partners, with Integrity Advocate you have full access to session data within your LMS. Learners can see their own results while admins have access to all participant results and the ability to have results trigger or withhold further access, certificates, and more.

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Expose AI

Protect academic integrity during assessments with Expose AI. When this feature is activated, we will monitor for and expose the use of AI assistive plugins that have infiltrated your LMS.

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Deters user from leaving approved environment

Integrity Lock monitors and flags all attempts to access external software, other desktops or browser tabs.

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Multiple Monitor Restriction

With Integrity Lock, users who attempt to use an external monitor will be asked to disconnect the external monitor before proceeding. Likewise, if users attempt to connect another monitor during a monitored session, they will be stopped from proceeding in the activity.

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Privacy First

Integrity Advocate now has the broadest set of privacy compliant technologies and services across the world. It is now possible to deter specific on-screen activities and provide services required in a manner that provides this control while ensuring compliance with privacy legislation including but not limited to GDPR, FERPA, POPIA, PIPEDA, BIPA, etc.

By combining privacy inspired participation monitoring software with the ability to convert any remote computer into a secure assessment environment, we have proven that privacy does not need to be sacrificed for the sake of academic integrity.

The coexistence of both is now possible.

Transparency First

Integrity Advocate for years refused to be connected with any product that required an install of software, extension or plugin because of the inherent security risks and requirement that learners trust that no one would be accessing more information than was required.

Earlier generation lockdown browsers required installation, users to have admin privileges on their devices, and sufficient computer literacy. Integrity Lock represents a paradigm shift in the industry, eliminating the need for any end-user installations, and ensuring the utmost transparency and convenience for both institutions and students.

Our Motivation

Integrity Advocate has seen that most organizations gravitate to a no-install option when it comes to proctoring due to minimal support requirements and the ability to work across a wide range of devices. 

The expanded capability and unprecedented control Integrity Lock now gives organizations to control the assessment environment at a distance coupled with Integrity Advocate’s proven ability to verify the learner’s participation against the rules set, is now truly best-in-class.

Developed not only with simplicity and privacy as the primary goals, Integrity Lock is also the direct result of feedback heard from higher education organizations and their learners alike.


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What we DON'T do
Send any onscreen or personal information from the learner’s computer

A reasonable balance between academic integrity and privacy protection can be achieved.

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